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Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That's our commitment. – Wikimedia Foundation Vision Statement Wikimedia is the world’s fifth most popular digital platform, used in everything from secondary education to advanced computational research...

Looking Forward

Today started with a bang: two back-to-back meetings over coffee, each of which was filled with possibilities for extending some of the projects I’ve been working on here. I left each meeting profoundly excited, and I don’t think it was just the caffeine.

I’m prone toward optimism, generally speaking, even when things are a little hard. But I worry at times that my optimism is little more than a defense against complete disintegration, because when it begins to slide, it can feel awfully hard to figure out how to move on. And of course the last two years have seriously challenged that optimism; at moments it’s been hard to stave off the certainty that everything is terrible, in fact, as the evidence seems determined to prove.

So the disappointments (multiple disappointments, in fact) of the last couple of weeks were proving harder to bounce back from than I wanted. How do you move forward when it seems like the paths forward are being closed off?

Today, I think I found a new path, with the help of two enthusiastic colleagues. I shouldn’t be surprised, I think, that the thing I most needed was connection with some folks as committed to our common project as I am. But it was pretty astonishing to recognize how much brighter my outlook became after those two meetings. Because I think that’s the deal with my optimism: it’s not that I assume that everything is or is going to be good, but that I see a means of making it better. It’s not a matter of looking up, but instead of looking forward.

Kathleen Fitzpatrick 2018-08-16 02:20:28

At some point in the last few weeks I read a blog post about connecting the Aside format in WordPress to in a way that includes the date/time as a post title but then suppresses the title from the WP timeline and the RSS feed. Does this ring a bell? (Maybe with @c?)

Humour: An Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference

Humour: An Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference
March 9 2019 to March 10 2019
Call for Papers
Humour An Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference including a workshop by Clown Doctor and Fools for Health Founder Professor Bernie Warren Saturday 9th March 2019 - Sunday 10th March 2019 Prague, Czech Republic Humour seems to be an essential feature of human life. It is not just about jokes but a...
Václavské náměstí 840/5
110 00 Prague
Czech Republic

New papyrus position at the British Library

The British Library is delighted to be able to offer a full time papyrus cataloguing and researcher post to work on our world-famous collection of Greek and Latin papyri. This one-year, fixed-term position will be based in the Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts section of the Library’s Western Heritage...

A transforming river seen from above

The Padma River in Bangladesh is constantly shifting its 75-mile path. Joshua Stevens for the NASA Earth Observatory shows what the shifting looked like through satellite imagery, over a 30-year span.

Kasha Patel:

The upper section of the Padma—the Harirampur region— has experienced the most erosion and shows the most notable changes. The river has become wider at this section by eroding along both banks, although most activity occurred on the left bank. Using topographic, aerial, and satellite imagery, scientists found that the left bank shifted 12 kilometers towards the north from 1860 to 2009 and developed a meandering bend. The river left a scar where the water once flowed, as you can see in the 2018 image.

See also the dramatic shifts of the Ucayali River in Peru.

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ELO 2018 Exhibits and Performances in Montreal

Conference Logo
August 11 2018 to August 17 2018
HASTAC members are invited to the Electronic Literature Organizations Conference in Montreal, and HASTAC, particularly the exhibits and performances, which are open to the public. With this year’s theme Attention à la marche / Mind the Gap, this bilingual event will focus on the unique dynamics of...
405 Sainte-Catherine Street East
Montreal, QC H2L 2C4