“There seems to be no places where the cultures meet. I am not going to waste time saying that this is a pity” CP Snow, The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution, Cambridge, the Rede Lecture, May 1959

2Cultures.net is dedicated to the  promotion of the projects, activities, methods, and tools that support the Digital Humanities. The content of the site is aggregated from a number of personal Digital Humanities blogs as well as other important sources. In this way, part of the discussion about the Digital Humanities (as it occurs through the blogosphere) can be captured.

What is the Digital Humanities?

The Digital Humanities (or Humanist Computing) is the application of computational methods and associated tools to address specific humanities research problems. Distinct from general computing approaches, Humanities Computing is embedded within the research concerns of the disciplines and sub-fields that make up the humanities. The methods employed in the field may be used to uncover new knowledge about corpora or to visualise research data in such a way as to uncover additional insights and meaning. Succinctly Humanities Computing is about structuring, analysing and communicating humanistic knowledge in a critical and authorial way using computing technology. – Craig Bellamy (see additional definitions)

Also see ‘What is eResearch in the Humanities‘ (.pdf).


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